Mission of the Māo Kingdom™

The mission of the Māo Kingdom community and metaverse is to help support humane societies and animal shelters with kingdom grants and encourage greater real-world humane involvement. We provide an engaging and forward-thinking gamified community that promotes positive personal growth and a more compassionate world.

What is the Māo Kingdom?

The Māo Kingdom is a three-kingdom Metaverse community of animal lovers and enthusiastic feline phenoms. It is a gamified social environment that mirrors ancient Chinese culture with a class structure and Royal families. The Māo Kingdom is based on the ancient periods between 220-280 CE and includes three dynastic states: Wei, Han (Han-Shu), and Wu. These three dynasties make up the greater Māo Kingdom which is governed overall by Ovadeus, the Supreme Ruler who possesses the Mandate of Heaven (tianming 天命), the kingdom’s divine source of authority and manages the entirety of the cosmos through the incessant fluctuations of the Way (Dao). The three-kingdom metaverse includes a limited set of multi-class avatars, virtual land, and active competition in upward mobility, all based on a centralized NFT(c) USD financial structure. You gain status and ranking with your engagement, activism, and accomplishments. Go from rags to riches, or simply buy your way to the top just like in ancient times (and today).

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